Award-winning storyteller, copywriter & digital media pro advocating for a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Lauren Noëlle Gauthier

When I’m not managing digital content and all things app related for Richard Branson’s latest hospitality company – Virgin Voyages – you can probably find me outside trying to make the world a better place. That (obviously) includes endless yappy hours, clean-up-the-beach days, recycling, scuba diving, running, bike riding, discovering new places and traveling the globe.

13 cities Lived worldwide

From DC to Charleston, Florence to Rome, Philly to New Orleans, San Francisco to San Jose, San Diego to New York, Los Angeles to Miami and many cool places in between, I’ve tackled them all to build up a kick-ass digital sustainability career.

Why so many? Us digital natives thrive on exploration, change of scenery, risk-taking and fuel of a different kind (travel). When wifi is your office, digital is your job, and challenge is your calling, why the heck not? 

So what drives me? Some days, it’s the pulse of a city beneath my feet. Some days, it’s the rush of the waves against my surf. Other days, it’s the urge to accomplish a never-ending bucket list. But everyday? Honestly, it’s just plain ol’ FOMO driving me. 

32 selfie tries later, how about that first one?

26+ brands and counting

My digital career is an accident, actually. I stumbled into it after college when my PR degree and sustainability scholarship was flushed down the toilet in the Recession of ’08. Devastated but resilient, I took a different path than everyone else I knew. I went the freelance digital media route, found my calling and never looked back. Who knew, a freelancer writing for kinda famous speakers could become their interim agency marketing manager in 6 months? And who knew, a freelancer writing about Hamilton Beach appliances on could increase sales by 60% in 1 week and stay for 9 months? Who knew, moving across country for a job at Stanford Heath last minute would be one of the best decisions of my life? And who knew, many moons later, this digital storyteller could turn that skillset into a vehicle for social change in foster care outcomes for PBS SoCal,. while working 3 roles and promoting 4 times? Today, 26 brand experiences later, I’ve just scratched the surface of possibilities. Who knows what’s next?!

see a vintage millenial at work

Healthy Essentials

Redefining Johnson & Johnson's Family of Brands' in today's millennial and digital driving marketplace.

Sonoma State University

Helping Sonoma State increase its enrollment & positioning nationwide.


Changing foster youth outcomes through never-been-done-before storytelling.

Towers Watson

Helping clients globally turn risk into a path for growth through digital redesign.


Transforming eBay’s old-school, vintage reputation into a millennial marketplace.

Adams Morgan Main Street

Changing the way people view this vibrant, unique DC neighborhood.

Hamilton Beach Brands

Changing the way consumers shop online.

Changing the way people file taxes online.

GRID Magazine

Source America


Stanford Healthcare


Keppler Speakers

Penn Medicine





Virgin Voyages


Cooling Pond Brewery

Animal Legal Defense Fund




Restoration Hardware