Award-winning storyteller and digital media pro building the world's most innovative brands into sustainable, forward-thinking ecosystems for profit, people and the planet.

Lauren Noëlle Gauthier

When I’m not managing digital content and all things app related for Richard Branson’s latest hospitality company – Virgin Voyages – you can probably find me outside trying to make the world a better place than i found it. That (obviously) includes endless yappy hours, clean-up-the-beach days, recycling, scuba diving, running, discovering new places… and traveling the globe.

13 cities lived worldwide

From DC to Charleston, Florence to Rome, Philly to New Orleans, San Francisco to San Jose, San Diego to New York, Los Angeles to Miami and many cool places in between, I've tackled them all to build up a kick-ass digital sustainability career. Why so many?

Well, us digital natives thrive on exploration, a change of scenery and fuel of a different kind (*cough travel cough*). So when wifi is our office, digital is our job, and tackling brand problems is our calling, why the heck not?

What drives me? Some days, it's the pulse of a city beneath my feet and everything at my fingertips. Some days, it's the rush of the waves against my surf and the outdoors grounding me. And other days, it's the urge to accomplish a never-ending bucket list like it's my last. But really, I think it's just plain ol' FOMO driving me.

28 brands and counting

My digital career is an accident, actually. I stumbled into it after college when my PR degree and sustainability scholarship was flushed down the toilet in the Recession of '08. Devastated but resilient, I went the unconventional freelance route, found my calling and never looked back.

Recalling the milestones that fueled me...
who knew, this 22-year-old temp writing for kinda famous speakers could become their agency marketing manager within 6 months? who knew, 4 year laters this writer could increase sales for Hamilton Beach appliances on by 60% in 1 week? ... and who knew 1 year later, This hybrid writer/designer would be living on the west coast and redesigning websites for Stanford Hospital? And who knew, 3 years later, this digital storyteller would be leading digital efforts for PBS SoCal's first-ever social impact initiative on Foster care? And who knew this working digital pro could turn it all into a successful career?

Today, 28 brand experiences later, I've just scratched the surface of possibilities. who knows what's next?

see this millennial at work

Virgin Voyages

Streamlining the traveller's experience on board while reducing their environmental footprint, through never-been-done-before app technology.

Carnival Cruiselines

Promoting the well-known travel brand's growing sustainable destination stewardship, through digital design.

Sonoma State University

Changing the way prospective and current undergrad and grad students, faculty and staff stay informed on campus, through digital redesign.

Cooling Pond Brewery

Redefining Virginia's craft beer culture and transforming the shop, eat and drink local mindset through digital redesign.

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Reinforcing why animals need greater legal protections US-wide through digital redesign, ultimately leading to a Webby award win.


Changing the life outcomes of foster youth and increasing adoption rates across the Greater LA region, by helping launch PBS SoCal’s first-ever social impact initiative.


Increasing millennial floral purchases and changing the flower-buying habits of Americans, from impulse buy to daily loyal engagement, through social media.

Healthy Essentials

Transforming the Johnson & Johnson family of brands, from impulse buy, shelf-talkers to engaging, millennial conversation starters through digital positioning.


Turning this only-when-you-need-it boo-boo cream into a proactive, everyday health & wellness conversation starter among all ages, through digital positioning.​


Reminding and encouraging people to recycle items used in the bathroom, and helping drive a more circular economy through digital promotion.


Repositioning the mouthwash brand in a saturated marketplace, and helping patients recognize a brand they trust for their oral care needs.

Men’s Rogaine

Repositioning Men's Rogaine as more than just a "going bald" solution, but an effective, under 40, proactive hair thinning fix, through digital positioning.

Women’s Rogaine

Raising awareness of how common women’s hair thinning and loss is today and how proven Women's Rogaine is to fix it,through digital design.


Promoting the health benefits of this popular, no-calorie sweetener that tastes like sugar without the calories, in a saturated marketplace, through social media.


Reinforcing America's #1 safety bandage as the best fix for accidents among American consumers, through digital positioning.

Stanford Healthcare

Increasing awareness of the award-winning healthcare system among national and international audiences and patients, through digital re-design.


Transforming eBay’s old-school, vintage marketplace reputation into a millennial, community-driven, popular shopping network.

Restoration Hardware

Reinforcing the personality, quality, and uniqueness of the leading, luxury household brand, through media relations.

Willis Towers Watson

Changing the way millennials, small businesses and working professionals view and take advantage of financial planning tools, through digital redesign.

Reinforcing the popular online health platform among Americans as a credible, consumer-friendly health site for all ages, families and locales, through copywriting.

Promoting the people who roll up their sleeves and push Richmond forward - from startup owners to creators to civic leaders - through copywriting.

Repositioning the online tax filing tool as a trusted, accessible, easy-to-use, cost-effective service in a saturated marketplace, through digital and social media.

Hamilton Beach Brands

Repositioning the leading kitchen brand and its popular household appliances into a best-selling, community-building, sales-driving hub on, through copywriting.

Penn Medicine

Raising awareness of today’s leading cardiac, disease, stroke, obesity and diabetes conditions among health-conscious consumers and patients nationally, while promoting the renowned hospital’s Heart program, through digital redesign.

Keppler Speakers

Promoting people who have overcome incredible challenges, spearheaded passion projects, and propelled their industries through digital media.

Source America

Increasing the hiring rates of people with disabilities among Employers, and changing the way Americans view people with disabilities in today’s workforce through media relations.

Adams Morgan Main Street

Promoting the vibrant, unique D.C. neighborhood as a thriving cultural, food, music and green hub full of business opportunities.