The Insights

Keppler Speakers Agency gives motivational speakers across the globe, resources, networks and platforms to voice and share their life stories, passions and business ideas to colleges and professionals. You wouldn't believe how powerful a few words from a suicide prevention speaker can change your perspective on mental health... how a food critic's expose on fad diets can make you rethink your own diet.... how an environmentalist's experience can make you rethink your footprint... how a revered broadcaster's story of her challenges on race can change how we talk about it as a nation... how a former famous embezzlement con artist can make you understand the life impact of fraud. But when the lights aren't spotlighting the stage, the seats aren't filled, and the speaker isn't sharing that candidly to thousands, how do they stay at top of mind?​​

The Brand Challenge

How does this nationally-known agency promote its renowned speakers who have overcome incredible challenges, spearheaded passion projects, accomplished never-been-done-before milestones, and pushed their industries forward.?​